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What do Chiropractors do?
Chiropractors relieve pain, restore spinal joint movement and change muscle patterns with gentle specific manipulations called “adjustments”. These joints include shoulders, knees, elbows, feet, hips and the spine. On-going treatment may include exercise and lifestyle advice, which is individually tailored to each case.
Do Chiropractors only treat people with back pain?
Chiropractors treat problems of the spine and nervous system. While most of our patients see us for neck pain, back pain or tension headaches, lots of patients report they can better manage a range of other health conditions when their spine and muscle system is relaxed and working well. This includes breathing better, increased flexibility, less fatigue, decreases in tingling and better sleeping habits.
If I have a chronic problem, will treatment be effective?

Chronic problems are always harder to treat than acute conditions. In saying that, a lot of people that have tried lots of treatment before without much benefit seem to respond nicely to Chiropractic care, when it is administered properly. A progress exam will always be done to see if the chronic issue is responding (usually 6 weeks after your initial treatment).

Does private health cover any of the cost?
Yes, most private health companies cover Chiropractic and you will get a rebate back on your consultations. There is usually a limit for the amount you can claim back over the calendar year.

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